The 4th INCISE symposium will be in Shenzhen, China from the 5th-7th November 2018, hosted by the Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) The conference venue is the Kylin Villa (, which has conference facilities and hotel accommodation. Special room rates have been negotiated, and more details will be provided through the conference website. 

The symposium will combine traditional conference-style oral and poster presentations with a set of break-out working group discussions, focusing on themes which bring together multiple disciplines.

It is anticipated that the conference website will be online in March.

The Journal for Marine Science and Engineering provides travel awards - deadline 20 April 2018!!

Journal of Marine Science and Engineering (JMSE; ISSN 2077-1312) is an
international, peer-reviewed open access journal which provides an
advanced forum for studies related to marine science and engineering. It
publishes reviews, research papers and communications. Our aim is to
encourage scientists to publish their experimental and theoretical
results in as much detail as possible. There is no restriction on the
length of the papers. The full experimental details must be provided so
that the results can be reproduced. Electronic files and software
regarding the full details of the calculation or experimental procedure,
if unable to be published in a normal way, can be deposited as
supplementary electronic material.

Subject Areas

Marine biology
Marine biodiversity
Marine genomics
Marine ecology
Marine resources
Marine chemistry
Marine environment
Marine biotechnology
Biological oceanography
Chemical oceanography
Geological oceanography
Physical oceanography
Ocean engineering