INCISE working groups

Aim: To tackle the most prominent questions and topics within submarine canyon research, four working groups were created during the INCISE2014 meeting:

WG1: Submarine canyon processes in space and time

WG2: Patterns in submarine canyons

WG3: Submarine canyon conservation

WG4: New ways to study submarine canyons

How to join: each WG has one or more coordinators, whose contact information is listed on the WG page (follow the link). If you would like to join a discussion group, please email the coordinator(s), with in CC. We would ask that, if you decide to join a WG, you try to actively participate as much as possible in the WG activities. This will help to keep the WGs dynamic, and will assure that the WG achieve tangible outputs.

Future plans: we hope that the WGs will help to foster further international collaborations in submarine canyon research. Any suggestions for potential funding are certainly welcome! Similarly, we are open to any proposals for additional WG, if further topical subjects are identified within the INCISE community.

INCISE2014 WG discussion session notes are available below

Submarine canyons,
Aug 5, 2016, 7:16 AM