Working Group 1

Canyon processes in space and time

WG coordinator: Aaron Micallef (   

Present at INCISE2014 discussion: Aaron Micallef, Nathalie Valette, Stephen Thomas, Domenico Ridente, Albert Palanques, Claire Millet, Kainam Mao, Jenny Gales , Rafael Fonseca, Tim Collart, Gareth Carter, Maria Azpiroz, Anita

Present at INCISE2016 discussion:  Albert Palanques, Silvia Ceramicola, Will Symons, Charlie Paull, Gareth Carter, Idalia Machuca, Tim Duda, James Liu, David Amblas, Katie Coble, Jingping Xu, Andrea Ogston, Susan Allen, Karina Ramos-Musalem, Blair Greenan, Cooper Stacey, Alexandre Normandeau, Madeileine Hamann, Steve Mihaly, Gordon Zhang, Esther Sumner

Discussion topics:

1.      What are the spatial and temporal scales of canyons forms and processes? How do they relate across scales?

2.       Do canyons mostly form through frequent, small scale processes or through rare, large-scale catastrophic events? Or both?

3.    How do the above correlate with biological variation and spatial distribution of biodiversity?