Working Group 2

Patterns in submarine canyons: role of scale and heterogeneity

WG coordinator: Steve Ross (,  

Present at INCISE2014 discussion: Steve Ross, Claudio Lo Iacono, Marie-Claire Fabri, Tahmeena Aslam, Tim Shank, Laetitia Gunton, Sara Roman, Fabio Matos, Martina Pierdomenico, Katleen Robert, Craig Robertson, Andrew Davies

Present at INCISE2016 discussion: Claudio Lo Iacono (chair), Fabio Matos (rapporteur), Gary Green, Laetitia Gunton (taking notes), Natalie Valette-Silver, Kevin Power, Neus Campanà, Chih-Lin Wei, Marie-Claire Fabri, Pauline Chauvet

Discussion topics:

          Can we quantify heterogeneity in canyons and does it vary between canyons?

           What causes the patterns in canyon communities and is there a universal community?

          Why is there not more physical data?  Is this what is most needed?

          What data do we need now?  Most important?

          What processes control patterns?

          How similar are canyons across a gradient?

          How much do canyons influence an area on the larger scale?

          Are “active” canyons more/less biodiverse than “passive” ones?

  • Bibliography on submarine canyon research, compiled by F. Matos, S. Ross and the WG2 participants. Will be updated regularly. Download the database (version August 2017): Ross, Steve W; Matos, Fábio L; Lo Iacono, Claudio; Fabri, Marie-Claire; Aslam, Tahmeena; Shank, Timothy; Gunton, Laetitia; Roman, Sara; Pierdomenico, Martina; Robert, Katleen; Robertson, Craig; Davies, Andrew; Amaro, Teresa; Cunha, Marina R; Almeida, Mariana (2017). A bibliographic compilation of literature and related metadata concerning global submarine canyon research, Mendeley Data, v1. doi: