Working Group 3

Submarine canyon conservation

WG coordinators: Jaime Davies (, Ashley Rowden (

Present at INCISE2014 discussion: Heather Stewart, Martha Nizinski, Tom Munroe, Khaira Ismail, Kerry Howell, Ulla Fernandez-Arcaya, Florence Sanchez, Jeremy Potter, Lenaick Menot, Pere Puig, Peter Harris, Ashley Rowden

Present at INCISE2016 discussion: Jaime Davies, Peter Harris (Chairs), Pere Puig, Andrew Eggett, Derek Fenton, Hilary Moors-Murphy, Teresa Amaro, Martina Pierdomenico, Dwight Owens, Natalie Vallette-Silver

Discussion topics:

  • Why protect canyons?
  • What are the threats to canyon ecosystems?
  • Is there interest in canyon conservation?
  • What are the management issues?
  • What science is required for canyon conservation?