Working Group 4

New ways to study submarine canyons

WG Coordinators: Fabio De Leo (, Veerle Huvenne (

Present at INCISE2014 discussion: Alan Jamieson, Furu Mienis, Teresa Amaro, Rob Hall, Veerle Huvenne, Fabio De Leo, Elisabeth Lobecker, Gerard Duineveld

Present at INCISE2016 discussion: Fabio De Leo, Veerle Huvenne (chairs), Martin Scherwath (rapporteur), Anna Sanchez, Craig Smith, Nadine Le Bris, Kevin Power, Andy Wheeler, Katleen Robert, Damianos Chatzievangelou

Discussion topics:
  • What is common to all canyon research?
  • What is a wish list in terms of processes that need to be observed and measured by all?
  • How to make sure our results are comparable with other studies?
  • Forever returning question: study multiple canyons (different characteristics: shelf-incise x blind, small x large, etc) that cover a multitude of processes or select two representative canyons and target for long-term studies?
  • What would be the possible minimal (and ideal) instrumentation and sampling effort needed to describe canyon processes with robust statistical power?